ASP beginner’s tutorial



There are many online tutorials that provide an excellent coverage of all things ASP. This ASP beginner's tutorial is not meant to compete with them and, indeed you are encouraged to visit other sites to learn more! Some recommended web tutorials are listed at the bottom of this page.

The purpose of this tutorial is to give you as pain free a way into the world of ASP so that you feel confident enough to develop your skills in what is a rewarding area of web design.

You will be able to work through examples, view code and run some basic ASP pages.

All code willl be displayed using the following style:

This is how code is represented in this tutorial.

The tutorial has been set up so that you can print the pages easily.

You are welcome to link to this ASP beginner's tutorial and may reproduce any part of it provided you fully acknowledge its source and place the following link on every page:

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